A Blink and A Snap



A Blink and a Snap
Perthmore, February 2017

A blink of the eye,
A season gone by.
A snap of the finger,

A blink and a snap,
A snap and a blink,
A year we cannot

We live in the past.
We ponder and brood
How different
Our lives could have been.
Regretting the things
That we did.

We live for tomorrow.
We vision and plan
All the things
We have yet to do.
We live there
In dreamland,
Oh bright coloured lights,
Oh fantasy,
And new.

But the Past
Is the Past.
It’s no longer,
It’s gone,
Cannot be retouched
Or reclaimed.

The future-
Well it
Simply does not exist.
It is always
A moment away.

There is only
One thing
We can touch,
And can feel.
We can see,
We can breathe,
We can be in.

The here
And the now
Learn to seize it
Dear friend
For it’s all,
In truth,
That there is.

A Farewell to Psychotherapy



A Farewell to Psychotherapy
Perthmore 2017

On my own again.
Better armed,
It’s true,
Than I ever was before.

Thought I’d be the one
To decide
On the coming,
And the going.

Didn’t take advantage
Quite as much
As I should have.
Too late now.
Find another way.
Or, maybe,
Do it on my own.

I did it on my own,
I can do it on my own,
Better armed
Than I ever was before.

Still a lot
I can’t get down to,
Deep in the soul
Of regrets,
And hopes,
And fears.

There is,
After all,
Only so naked
One can get,
Baring the heart
The soul,
The mind,
The inner self,
The fearful self,
The anxious self,
The shameful self.

Too hard to go there
All the way,
In the light of day,
Or even
In the dark of night.

Things one
Doesn’t want to own.
Bring them
To the grave
Let them drift away
In the dust,
And in the dirt.

From the prison
Of the soul,
Let them drift away.
Or carry them,
In the darkness,
In the ever after
Of the soul.