A Farewell to Psychotherapy



A Farewell to Psychotherapy
Perthmore 2017

On my own again.
Better armed,
It’s true,
Than I ever was before.

Thought I’d be the one
To decide
On the coming,
And the going.

Didn’t take advantage
Quite as much
As I should have.
Too late now.
Find another way.
Or, maybe,
Do it on my own.

I did it on my own,
I can do it on my own,
Better armed
Than I ever was before.

Still a lot
I can’t get down to,
Deep in the soul
Of regrets,
And hopes,
And fears.

There is,
After all,
Only so naked
One can get,
Baring the heart
The soul,
The mind,
The inner self,
The fearful self,
The anxious self,
The shameful self.

Too hard to go there
All the way,
In the light of day,
Or even
In the dark of night.

Things one
Doesn’t want to own.
Bring them
To the grave
Let them drift away
In the dust,
And in the dirt.

From the prison
Of the soul,
Let them drift away.
Or carry them,
In the darkness,
In the ever after
Of the soul.

2 thoughts on “A Farewell to Psychotherapy

  1. Chris

    Nicely articulated Wendy. Caring for one’s soul is a life long journey and reaching a plateau can be a well-earned respite. A chance to reflect and affirm the self. Choosing to (or not to) pursue the quest further is entirely up to you! Best, Chris

    • wendy.saunders

      My first thought when I knew that I wanted / needed to articulate this next phase of my life was to write up and dwell upon all of the many valuable and life-changing lessons I learned during psychotherapy. I hope to still do that. But, somehow, this need to cry out was dominant and guided my thoughts and my pen during this first reaction stage (sort of like the stages of grieving, I think). Undoubtedly, I will, in some way and over time, pursue the quest further as it is in my nature, I think, to do so. The new course that I am taking (Giving Psychotherapy Away) and my plans to follow the Pathfinder program are cases in point. Regardless, I wonder if we ever reach our life’s end having fully plumbed the depths – if it is even possible or even necessary. Looking inward. Looking outward. Achieving a balance… Well, we shall see! Thank you so much for your comment. I was so pleased to hear from you.

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